Dom zdravlja Alibunar – Health center Alibunar – Health care in the municipality of Alibunar

Zgrada Dom zdravlja Alibunar

Health center Alibunar has since its establishment in 1964 in the municipality of Alibunar, until now experienced constant highs in terms of personnel, the construction work and equipping. Of the 77 former workers and several ambulance stations and in some urban areas and scarce equipment today the health center in the municipality of Alibunar has in every populated area health center with appropriate staff and equipment in primary health care, general medicine and dental service and the Service snabevanje for medicines, and in the center of the health Alibunaru in addition to the above, emergency medical services, developed Specialist services for internal medicine, women’s health clinic, pediatrics, neuropsychiatry, pneumophtisiologist, Occupational health, a well-equipped laboratory service, a relatively new cabinet with rtg ultrasound. Today Health Alibunar employs 129 workers, mostly higher, higher and secondary medical personnel. Financed by the NHIF, the budget of local government Alibunar Municipality, as well as its own funds.


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