Health center Alibunar – We care about your health

Health center Alibunar when it was firstly formed in 1964, and until nowadays was always improving its medical labour forces and equipment. At the beginning it had only 77 workers and a few working stations in the municipality and suffered from a lack of medical equipment. Today Health centre Alibunar has a working station in every town in the municipality Alibunar equiped with adequate medical equipment and medical personel. 


Health center Alibunar today a total of 121 workers, mainly doctors and nurses.

Health center Alibunar has passed through a process of acreditation and gained the needed certificate which is granted by the Agency for acreditation of medical institutions. 

Mision and vision

High quality services on primary medical level. Increasing the level of medical state of population, especially putting accent on vulnerable population. 

Our specialties

 Primary medical care

Specialised medical – consultative praxes

Dental healtcare

Clinic biochemic laboratory

Family doctor

In the terms of Healtcare law every patient has the right to choose it’s own doctor. If you haven’t choosed you doctor, please do so. 

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